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Becoming an adult volunteer in Essex Wing is a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the RAF Air Cadet community and make a positive impact on young lives. Adult volunteers play a crucial role in various aspects of cadet life, contributing to organisation, education, and the overall smooth running of squadrons. Here's a step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer:


Roles and Opportunities: 


Adult volunteers are involved in organising activities, providing educational support, and ensuring the well-being of cadets. There are opportunities for personal development, skill enhancement, and leadership training.

Ways to Contribute: 


Volunteers can assist with administrative tasks, financial matters, organising activities, offering emotional support, and promoting health and well-being. Civilian instructors are encouraged to join and commit at least one night per week to their chosen squadron.

Joining Process:

  1. Submit Online Application: Express your interest by submitting an online application.

  2. Visit Your Chosen Squadron: Attend a visit to your selected squadron.

  3. Informal Interview: Have an informal interview during your first visit.

  4. Complete Online Forms: Gain access to the RAF Air Cadets online system to complete the necessary forms.

  5. DBS Check: Undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as part of safeguarding checks.

  6. Probation Period: Upon successful DBS clearance, engage in a 6-month probation period where you can actively participate in squadron activities.

  7. Adult Volunteer Induction Course: Complete the mandatory Adult Volunteer Induction Course during the probation period.


External Activities:

After six months, volunteers can attend external activities.

Requirements to Be a Volunteer:

  • Age: Be 20 years or older (minimum age for CCF RAF is 18 years).

  • Residency: Have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years.

  • Commitment: Commit to approximately 12 hours per month.

  • Understanding: Understand young people and their needs.

  • Traits: Be patient, responsible, and kind with a good level of fitness (athletic prowess is not required).



Volunteers may have families, jobs, and hobbies, and the organisation is flexible, accommodating other commitments. Clear communication, good organisation, and commitment to the squadron are expected in return.

No Prior Experience Required: You do not need a military background, experience working with young people, or specific skills like flying or gliding. The organisation provides uniforms and all necessary training.

Advancement Opportunities:


There are opportunities for advancement within the organisation. Volunteers can progress to become officers or senior non-commissioned officers (SNCOs). The process involves interviews at Wing HQs and Regional HQs.

Volunteer Allowance: While volunteers do not receive payment, those who progress to be officers or non-commissioned officers can claim up to 28 days of volunteer allowance.

Becoming an adult volunteer in Essex Wing is a fulfilling journey that allows individuals to contribute to the development of young cadets and be part of a supportive community.





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